State Archives of Goa

The oldest Archives in the country. Established in 1595 by Historian Diogo do Couto, also its first Records Keeper, the Archives was named as “Torre do Tombo do Estado da India“. The oldest Portuguese record is of the year 1498.

The history of European expansion in Asia & Africa especially the rise, fall, and decay of the Portuguese sea-borne empire of India (1510-1961) and the attempts made by the Asian & African powers to oust the Europeans from Asia & Africa. Besides, there are records pertaining to Village Communities, a collection of files pertaining to the freedom struggle of Goa, registers of Baptism, Births & Deaths, Deeds & Wills as well as some very useful records from churches in Goa.

Most of the records are in Portuguese & Marathi (Modi) though quite a few documents are also in Sanskrit, Persian, English, French & Vietnamese. There are some Canarese records in the Goykanadi script, though the language is Marathi. There are also Swahili letters penned almost 300 years ago which comprise the oldest corpus of Swahili prose so far discovered.

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