The Hiteshranjan Sanyal Memorial Archive – Centre for Studies in Social Sciences

The Hiteshranjan Sanyal Memorial Archive is a huge collection of textual and visual materials mainly focused on colonial Bengal. Starting in 1993, the Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta (CSSSC) has undertaken the task of microfilming and digitising a huge amount of textual sources, including all the major journals of colonial Bengal. This unique collection also extends to rare Bengali books, Assamese journals and books, as well as visual art and popular culture (such as specimens of historical Bengali advertising). In 2008 the CSSSC and Savifa (University of Heidelberg) initiated a collaborative programme which intends to make available online the CSSSC’s valuable archival collection of early printed literature, commercial art in Bengali from 1800-1950 as well as visual documents such as photographs and modern academic art.

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Location : Online / Kolkata
State : West Bengal
Country India